Dec. 5th, 2012

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Hello everyone!

I'm just laying here on the floor enjoying the quiet while my mom is busy busting her butt at work! I miss her so much while she's at work! It's too quiet and there's no one to give me pettings! I need at least 18 hours of petting a day you know! So I just have to find a way to get myself to Australia with her! I thought about mailing myself, but apparently the post office doesn't like cute kitties for some strange reason!

I want to thank everyone who has already donated and ask anyone who can to still do so here: so that I can follow my mom to her new place in Australia! I can totally pass for a dingo if I have to! I love bell rubs just like dogs!

I will miss my mommy if I can't go with her. It will be like she left for work FOREVER! I do not like that! So please, don't wait until the last moment to help me out! And again thank you to everyone who has donated and those that can't spare anything during this tight time of year for spreading my message!

Your fat cat,

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Now, see what you're all making me do? This is my mom's roommate and I have taken over her lap in protest! I need more love and petting! I will not be moved until my demands are met and I get lots more petting and get to go with my mom to Australia! I shall take over all the laps until my demands are met! I'll take over all of New York if I must!

Or, until dinner time. Hmm, I'm kinda hungry right now actually.


Wait, what was I doing again?


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