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sendingsandmandownunder ([personal profile] sendingsandmandownunder) wrote2012-12-15 10:37 pm

A plea

I'm not usually good at begging, but I'm out of ideas and it's been hitting me like a brick wall. As bad as I've been trying to pretend my days with Sandman are nearly up I just can't ignore the fact anymore that I'm not close to my goal and time's almost up.

Please, I beg you, if you can spare even a dollar. Please don't wait until the amount goes up if that's what you're doing. It won't go up if everyone thinks like that. I have snail mail here: PO Box 7760, New York, NY 10016 you can donate with paypal with my email or go directly here:

And please, I beg you as well, if you can't donate or can - please, please, PLEASE share this link with everyone you know. Otherwise my Christmas will be a lonely one. I'll be saying goodbye to a kitty I adore instead of having any real joy.