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Hello, I'm Shauna the mom to a beautiful cat named Sandman! Here's a little info on me:

I grew up in a small town of Three Mile Bay until I went to college at SUNY Fredonia. I graduated with a BA in Digital TV/Film, after college I moved to New York City to take an unpaid internship for Animal Fair Media for several months where I did everything from manage the company's website to filming stars at pet fundraising events. After a few months there I joined as a volunteer for Bray Entertainment, the people who created Pawn Stars, and worked for them as an assistant editor on their new show Mission Menu. I've recently joined my first paying job in my field with the group Manamedia by working as the lead assistant editor on a documentary for Red Bull called Game Quest. Which is now airing in Germany and will soon be available online in English in 2013 on the Red Bull website.

During the hard time of climbing the brutal film industry ladder in one of the most expensive cities in the world with hardly any money, what has kept me going is the happy cat who greets me when I get home every night. He cheers me up with his unconditional love and need to snuggle with me at all times. Now with this dream chance to move to Australia, a place I have wanted to move to again since I spend six months abroad there during college, and make a living there the one dark side is having to forever say goodbye to my cat. I can hardly afford to send myself there, let alone my cat who I'd also have to buy all the extra flight crates and vaccines for if I was to take him with me.

Well, I've decided that if the only thing stopping me from taking this beautiful and loving cat with me is money, then I'm not giving up without a fight. I've started a fundraiser thanks to crowdtilt to ask anyone who can find some spare money this Christmas and donate money to me so I can afford to take my cat with me when I move. If you can spare anything, even if it's only a dollar or two, every little bit helps. Or even if all you can do is spare a few minutes to spread this message around that's doing so much for me. I want to thank everyone for taking time out of their lives to read this and giving me and Sandman your attention for a few minutes. You can find the site to donate to here:

Thank you to everyone who can help out. If I make this goal then to me, it will be a real Christmas miracle to me as I'll be able to keep the love of my life with me instead of saying goodbye to him forever.

I'll be using this blog to leave updates on how the campaign is going and to post pictures and videos of the goofy boy!
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Someone suggest that I leave my PO Box Address for people who don't trust internet sites or have a credit card. Please if you're going to do this give me your return address so I can refund your money if I don't make my goal. (Also if you could leave me some sort of message so I know to be on the look out for it in my box that would be cool, but not needed.)

When I get a check in the mail I'll put the donation on the crowdtilt site myself so the number still rises there!

Shauna Chavoustie
PO Box 7760
New York, NY 10116
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This is my lovely #cat, but I have to move to #Australia 4 work. I can't afford his travel. Please #donate to my #fundraiser so I can keep him here: Every dollar helps! Please help me not say goodbye to my beloved cat this #Christmas!

A plea

Dec. 15th, 2012 10:37 pm
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I'm not usually good at begging, but I'm out of ideas and it's been hitting me like a brick wall. As bad as I've been trying to pretend my days with Sandman are nearly up I just can't ignore the fact anymore that I'm not close to my goal and time's almost up.

Please, I beg you, if you can spare even a dollar. Please don't wait until the amount goes up if that's what you're doing. It won't go up if everyone thinks like that. I have snail mail here: PO Box 7760, New York, NY 10016 you can donate with paypal with my email or go directly here:

And please, I beg you as well, if you can't donate or can - please, please, PLEASE share this link with everyone you know. Otherwise my Christmas will be a lonely one. I'll be saying goodbye to a kitty I adore instead of having any real joy.

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Whoa, things are looking more complicated it seems! I talked to a very informative pet transportation company who were actually impressed by how much I’ve found out on my own so far, as Australia is one of the hardest countries to get pets into. However, I still was missing some pieces of information that could cause Sandman to be rejected. They have a service that will help me as they would collect Sandman from me and then walk him every step of the way and be sure all the paper work would be in 100% in order for me.

After talking over all the rules and regulations Australia has I really think this is the way I need to go, but their service would cost me an estimated 5,500. Ouch. But that’s including his airfare and all the paperwork fees. Which is of course, blowing past my goal of 3,500.

I AM NOT GIVING UP! I’m still pushing this fundraiser! As I’ve gotten a friend lined up who can care for him until I can come up with the extra 2,000. Be it another fundraiser in a couple months or becoming a stripper (I kid). I’ll think of some way, but first I need to see how far I can get with this before I start worrying about the future.

So please! If anyone can please donate to my fund to take him with me here: or just sharing this post so I can get the word out there! Thank you to everyone who has so far helped me in my quest to keep my cat!

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Ah-ha! I have found the way to keep my mom from leaving me! She can't go anywhere if I sit on her! Please donate to my fundraiser so she'll never leave me!


Dec. 8th, 2012 09:32 pm
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Sandman loves getting his belly rubbed! Only if I don't make my goal on my fundraiser to take him to Australia with me then I won't be the one to give him belly rubs anymore! D8 Oh no!!!!

If you could spare a dollar it would mean so much to me if you could donate to my fundraiser here: or if you can't, just sharing the post so my voice is heard is so helpful! Thank you every one!
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Sandman is a sneaky cat in that he only really likes to play when no one is watching. He likes to pretend he's a ninja I think. Well, I heard him playing behind me and quietly turned on my web cam and caught him in the act!


Dec. 6th, 2012 05:45 pm
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Busy, busy, busy day at work! All I can think of is this big furry, tummy just waiting for me to come home and pet it!

Also jealous that he gets to just lay around on my bed all day while I'm slaving away at work! No fair!

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Now, see what you're all making me do? This is my mom's roommate and I have taken over her lap in protest! I need more love and petting! I will not be moved until my demands are met and I get lots more petting and get to go with my mom to Australia! I shall take over all the laps until my demands are met! I'll take over all of New York if I must!

Or, until dinner time. Hmm, I'm kinda hungry right now actually.


Wait, what was I doing again?

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Hello everyone!

I'm just laying here on the floor enjoying the quiet while my mom is busy busting her butt at work! I miss her so much while she's at work! It's too quiet and there's no one to give me pettings! I need at least 18 hours of petting a day you know! So I just have to find a way to get myself to Australia with her! I thought about mailing myself, but apparently the post office doesn't like cute kitties for some strange reason!

I want to thank everyone who has already donated and ask anyone who can to still do so here: so that I can follow my mom to her new place in Australia! I can totally pass for a dingo if I have to! I love bell rubs just like dogs!

I will miss my mommy if I can't go with her. It will be like she left for work FOREVER! I do not like that! So please, don't wait until the last moment to help me out! And again thank you to everyone who has donated and those that can't spare anything during this tight time of year for spreading my message!

Your fat cat,

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He may make a mess at times and drive me nuts, but my life would be empty without the messes he gives me. Please help me bring this messy kitty to Australia with me by donating here!


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