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Whoa, things are looking more complicated it seems! I talked to a very informative pet transportation company who were actually impressed by how much I’ve found out on my own so far, as Australia is one of the hardest countries to get pets into. However, I still was missing some pieces of information that could cause Sandman to be rejected. They have a service that will help me as they would collect Sandman from me and then walk him every step of the way and be sure all the paper work would be in 100% in order for me.

After talking over all the rules and regulations Australia has I really think this is the way I need to go, but their service would cost me an estimated 5,500. Ouch. But that’s including his airfare and all the paperwork fees. Which is of course, blowing past my goal of 3,500.

I AM NOT GIVING UP! I’m still pushing this fundraiser! As I’ve gotten a friend lined up who can care for him until I can come up with the extra 2,000. Be it another fundraiser in a couple months or becoming a stripper (I kid). I’ll think of some way, but first I need to see how far I can get with this before I start worrying about the future.

So please! If anyone can please donate to my fund to take him with me here: or just sharing this post so I can get the word out there! Thank you to everyone who has so far helped me in my quest to keep my cat!


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