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2033-12-04 11:30 am
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Saving Sandman

Hello, I'm Shauna the mom to a beautiful cat named Sandman! Here's a little info on me:

I grew up in a small town of Three Mile Bay until I went to college at SUNY Fredonia. I graduated with a BA in Digital TV/Film, after college I moved to New York City to take an unpaid internship for Animal Fair Media for several months where I did everything from manage the company's website to filming stars at pet fundraising events. After a few months there I joined as a volunteer for Bray Entertainment, the people who created Pawn Stars, and worked for them as an assistant editor on their new show Mission Menu. I've recently joined my first paying job in my field with the group Manamedia by working as the lead assistant editor on a documentary for Red Bull called Game Quest. Which is now airing in Germany and will soon be available online in English in 2013 on the Red Bull website.

During the hard time of climbing the brutal film industry ladder in one of the most expensive cities in the world with hardly any money, what has kept me going is the happy cat who greets me when I get home every night. He cheers me up with his unconditional love and need to snuggle with me at all times. Now with this dream chance to move to Australia, a place I have wanted to move to again since I spend six months abroad there during college, and make a living there the one dark side is having to forever say goodbye to my cat. I can hardly afford to send myself there, let alone my cat who I'd also have to buy all the extra flight crates and vaccines for if I was to take him with me.

Well, I've decided that if the only thing stopping me from taking this beautiful and loving cat with me is money, then I'm not giving up without a fight. I've started a fundraiser thanks to crowdtilt to ask anyone who can find some spare money this Christmas and donate money to me so I can afford to take my cat with me when I move. If you can spare anything, even if it's only a dollar or two, every little bit helps. Or even if all you can do is spare a few minutes to spread this message around that's doing so much for me. I want to thank everyone for taking time out of their lives to read this and giving me and Sandman your attention for a few minutes. You can find the site to donate to here:

Thank you to everyone who can help out. If I make this goal then to me, it will be a real Christmas miracle to me as I'll be able to keep the love of my life with me instead of saying goodbye to him forever.

I'll be using this blog to leave updates on how the campaign is going and to post pictures and videos of the goofy boy!
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2022-12-07 03:59 pm
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PO Box Address

Someone suggest that I leave my PO Box Address for people who don't trust internet sites or have a credit card. Please if you're going to do this give me your return address so I can refund your money if I don't make my goal. (Also if you could leave me some sort of message so I know to be on the look out for it in my box that would be cool, but not needed.)

When I get a check in the mail I'll put the donation on the crowdtilt site myself so the number still rises there!

Shauna Chavoustie
PO Box 7760
New York, NY 10116